Depression in a nutshell.

Depression is many different things though. Mentally, emotionally and physically. Some people show that they’re struggling and hurting and some just live day to day looking and acting normal. But the second that someone depressed goes behind closed doors it’s like they’re a different person. It’s like everything that’s happened in ther life comes crashing down again. Like they can’t do it. Like they have demons in their head telling them that they’re pathetic and worthless. I don’t think anyone understands unless you’ve been in the mind of a suicidal human being. It’s not okay. The feelings and emotions that come with being suicidal is sane. One minute, everything is okay and next minute the whole world is falling apart, right in front of your eyes. Sometimes you’re strong enough to pull through and sometimes you think it’s not worth it and you have to let go. People who call it a cowardly act has obviously never been down that dark pathway before, where there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Like nothing will improve. But it’s the minds of suicidal survivors that will conquer the hidden truths behind depression.